A wine with Mr. and Mrs. Blaikie in Turrones Picó

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Christmas – a time for coming together as families and keeping traditions.

In this 3rd installment of “A wine with…” we are given a more personal approach to how Christmas is lived in different parts of the world: Spain, the United Kingdom (in the middle of winter) and South Africa (in summer).

This recording of the series “A wine with…”  was hosted at the Turrones Picó company, who provided the founding partners of the international law firm Pellicer & Heredia, Ignacio Pellicer & Pedro Heredia, a insiders knowlege of the past, present and future production of how a sweet, that has more than 500 years of history is made in the 21st century and is an essential part at any Christmas table in Spain: the nougat….TÚRRON!!

With the company’s quality manager, Ana Picó, we talked about the different types of nougat and her company’s initiatives to assist in the future for the safety of bees and the environment in which they llive.

Whilst enjoying the “Turrón de Jijona” ; the softer variety; and the “Turrón de Alicante” ; the most traditional/classic variety, otherwise known as „the tough one“; Pedro Heredia and Igancio Pellicer paired these 2 famous Christmas sweets with with the traditional “wine of Kings” that is only produced in the province of Alicante: the Fondillón.

As special guests to this “A wine with…” Iain Blaikie and Awelani Moyo shared their personal experiences of Christmas in different parts of the globe and reminisced on traditions of generations past and present at Christmas time.

Iain Blaikie has been the director of British international schools in different countries of the world and he told us how Christmas is celebrated in the United Kingdom, how it is lived in Spain and his opinion about Spanish children.

Awelani Moyo is a freelance actress and she gave us a very different vision of Christmas in South Africa, where Christmas is celebrated in the middle of summer with more outdoor gatherings and how the food can differ from the more traditional European dishes.

They both commented on what they like most about Spain, gave useful advice for those who want to come and live in Spain and what they miss most about their countries of origin.

Ignacio Pellicer and Pedro Heredia also recalled their childhood during the interview, talked about their own children, and discussed why Spain will be one of the main countries where foreigners will choice to live and work, particularly with the introduction of the new Nomad Visa and the possibilities this allows ex-pats with working remotely, in 2023

 As 2022 moves into 2023, Ignacio Pellicer & Pedro Heredia see the future as an opportunity to continue to help the expat community in Spain, continue to provide up-to-date information on taxes, immigration, conveyancing, inheritance and all other legal matters that impact on moving to Spain and living and working here, through their webinars and the opportunity of providing video consulations, so that wherever you are in the world, you can connect and be kept informed.

Merry Christmas!!

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