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How to apply for a blue parking badge in Spain?

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What requirements are obligatory if you want to get a blue parking badge in Spain.

  • Do you have mobility problems?
  • Do you have trouble parking your car close enough to where ever you´re going?
  • Is this affecting your quality of life?
  • Perhaps you have thought about getting a blue parking badge, but have no idea how to go about it?

Firstly, to apply for a blue parking badge in Spain you must be a Spanish resident and possess a valid residency certificate, passport and be registered as an inhabitant of the village where you live (padrón).

Secondly, you will need your doctors and specialist notes describing your illness or disability. You must have 33% disability to receive your permit.

This paperwork must be presented to your local social worker, if you feel that you are unable to complete this process on your own then your lawyer can do this on your behalf with the proper authorization forms.

This is a lengthy process which can take up to two years, so I would recommend that you start as soon as possible.

Your social worker will send copies of your documents to the relevant departments and eventually, you will have a medical assessment by a state doctor, if they agree that you have reduced mobility, then you will be issued with a blue parking permit.

Please note that if you already possess a parking permit from another EU country, that permit is also valid in Spain.

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