Building your own home in Spain

9 recommendations for building your own home in Spain

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Can’t find a home that meets your family’s requirements?

Perhaps you’ve found the perfect home, but it’s not situated in your preferred location. Then, the solution may be building your own home.

So what must you bear in mind if you wish to build your ideal home in Spain?

1. Check with the town hall if it is permitted to build on the land you intend to purchase. Is it classed as building land? Do not make any payment without your lawyer doing all the due diligences for your own peace of mind.

2. Check local building regulations and restrictions. Each community has slight differences. Speak with the town hall’s architect to see what is and what isn’t permitted.

3. Check that the land specifications match the description in the land registry.  Remember to check who owns the land too. Your lawyer could assist you on all this.

4. Put the land in your name as soon as the project from your Architect is approved by the Town Hall and you have got the license to build. Please note that you will be the developer and you could not ask for the bank guarantees. Putting the land in your name protects your investment.

5. Check that the electricity and water supplies reach your plot. Make sure your plot is accessible from a public road and how much it will cost you to connect to the mains.

6. Ask for different budgets from builders and suppliers with good reputations, recommended to you by friends, neighbours and people in your area.

7. Make the payments in stages so that your Architect and Project Manager can confirm that the work is being executed correctly.

8. Calculate the costs of building your new home. You will need to budget for:

  • Purchasing the land.
  • Builder’s fees.
  • Legal, notary, land registry and other fees.
  • Taxes on the land and the declaration of the new house.
  • Building license, habitation license and local taxes (such as I.B.I.).
  • Bank loan/mortgage fees.
  • Water and electricity connection work and fees.
  • Architect and Project Manager fees.

9. Hire an Architect to assist you throughout the project, and to liaise with your lawyer to legalize your new home.

Building a new house is stressful. Make sure the right professionals in Real Estate assist you throughout the process.

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