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Cadastral and Land Registry Checks

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If you’re interested in buying a house in Spain, you will need to check the details of the property with the Cadastral Office and the Land Property Registry.

When buying a property, Cadastral and Land Registry Checks are necessary in Spain. In many cases, your Real Estate lawyer will take care of these checks on your behalf, as part of their due diligence.

The Cadastral Office lists the boundaries and measurements and physical characteristics of the land. You need to be sure that this description matches the description mentioned in the deeds and shown at the Land Registry.

The Cadastral Office will have a map and a plan of the land so that you might be able to see the boundaries of the plot. In old rural properties in particular, but also in newer properties, there is often confusion, because these data are not updated by previous owners.

The officially recognized boundaries and the number of square meters should match the details in the survey and the deeds. If the figures do not match exactly, these can be corrected, so that paperwork belonging to the property and the actual property matches. This will be a great benefit should you later wish to sell your land and house.

If you contact independent lawyers specialised in Real Estate, they can prepare new deeds to record any additions to the construction of your property and, if the addition to the property did not have a license, they can assist you on legalizing it, depending on the age of the property and location of your plot.

Solicitors will make sure that the property that you are buying is legal and that your fiscal obligations are in order, so you can buy your dream home in Spain, quickly and easily.

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