How difficult is it to buy a house in Spain?

How difficult is it to buy a house in Spain?

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Thousands of people move to Spain every year, drawn here by the Mediterranean food, the climate, the culture and the hope of a fresh start. But is it easy to buy a house here?

What steps should be taken to ensure you buy the property of your dreams safely?

  • Firstly and most importantly, always hire an independent lawyer, who speaks your language fluently and who knows the area where you wish to buy your new home. Someone who works just for you and only has your interests at heart.
  • Check everything and believe nothing: check the measurements of the property yourself and hire a fully qualified, fully insured surveyor who speaks your language. Any questions you may have about the property, ask them! Be it at the town hall local to the property you’re interested in, your independent lawyer or your potential neighbours. Any reputable vendor will be more than happy to have his offer checked.
  • If you are buying off-plan, ask for the compulsory bank guarantees and do not make any payment unless the Bank confirms that they will provide these.
  • If you need a mortgage, look for the best deal and what might suit you best.
  • Bear in mind that when you buy a property in Spain, the buyer pays 10% tax on the value of the property, plus other legal fees and expenses such as Public Notary, Registry office, Lawyers.
  • Check out the area where you intend to buy your new home. Is it close enough to amenities? Is it too quiet, too loud?  Is the land surrounding the property you’re interested in rural, or will it eventually be built on, obstructing your view?
  • Last piece of advice: Do not pay any money until you have checked the situation with your lawyer. Buying in Spain is safe but you always need to do all the due diligence for peace of mind.



As you can see, hiring an independent Real Estate lawyer is crucial for many other steps, so make sure you find your perfect solicitor before your purchase.

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