Digital Nomad Visa

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This type of visa is created due to the Covid-19 pandemic, since a lot of companies offer their employees a full-time remote work.
Several European countries, including Spain, are launching visas for Digital Nomads in order to welcome foreign remote workers. This will open many opportunities for those who wish to come to live to Spain and continue working for their companies.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

In order to apply for a traditional work visa, people will need a contract with a Spanish company or a letter of invitation, so for remote workers it will be difficult to apply for this type of visa, that is why the Digital Nomad Visa has been created.

So, the Digital Nomad Visa will give the remote workers the possibility to stay in Spain for a longer period.

The Spanish government expects to approve this type of visa by the end of this year.

What are the requirements to apply for this type of visa?

• To be a highly qualified professional (university degree or postgraduate)
• Have a minimum professional experience of 3 years.
• Prove a minimum professional relationship of one year with the company.
• Prove that remote working is allowed in this type of activity.

How long does the visa for digital nomads in Spain last?

As it has not yet been approved, the exact duration is not known, but it is expected to last for one year and to be renewed for another two years if the requirements are maintained.

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