driving in spain after brexit

Driving in Spain after Brexit?

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For the moment you cannot renew or replace your UK licence if you live in Spain, as the time limit for the exchange of driving licences has already expired.

The Spanish and UK governments are currently in negotiations to find a long-term solution to this issue, so that driving licences can be exchanged again without the need to take the tests.

What if I was living in Spain before January 1st of 2021?

In this case the UK driving licence will only be valid and recognised by Spainish authorities until 30 April 2022. After this date, if the negotiations have not been concluded, you will have to obtain the Spanish driving licence.

What if I moved to Spain after January 1st of 2021?

In this case your UK driving licence will only be valid in Spain, either 6 months from the date of obtaining your spanish residency or until 30 April 2022, whichever is later.

Can I use an International Driving Permit while living in Spain?

No, if you live in Spain you must obtain your driving licence in Spain.

How can I obtain a driving licence in Spain?

To obtain a driving licence in Spain, you must take two tests, a theory test and a practical test.

In these cases it is usual to prepare yourself through a driving school, as they will give you the guidelines to follow, prepare you for the exams and present your application to the Spanish administration.

Once you have passed both tests, you will obtain your driving licence and it will be valid for 10 years.

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