Extension of stay and residence and/or work permits during the state of alert

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On 20th of May 2020, Order SND/421/2020 of 18th of May was published, adopting measures relating to the extension of residence and work permits and other situations of foreigners in Spain, in order to avoid that, once the state of alarm is lifted, foreigners may find themselves in a situation of supervening irregularity.

The Order automatically extends all those authorizations that expire during the validity of the state of alarm, as well as those that expired in the three months prior to their declaration, taking effect from the day following that of the expiry of the authorization and extending for the six months following the end of the state of alarm.

The validity of family members’ cards for Union citizens and foreign nationals’ identity cards granted on the basis of long-term residence is extended for the same period.

With regard to persons who are in Spain in a situation of stay, for a period not exceeding ninety days, which has expired during the validity of the state of alarm, they will see their stay extended, automatically, for a period of three months.

Regarding foreign nationals resident in Spain who are not in national territory and whose stay or residence permits or long-term visas expire during the validity of the state of alert, they are authorized to enter Spain with their valid travel document for such purposes and the expired Foreigner’s Identity Card or visa.

Finally, absence from Spanish territory caused by the situation of the COVID-19 will not be taken into account for the purpose of computing continuity of residence.

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