Guide For Foreign Nationals In Spain

Guide For Foreign Nationals In Spain

The MAPFRE team would like to welcome you to Spain.

Whether you are already resident here or you intend to move here. Residing in a foreign country is no easy task; this is why all our customers resident in Spain have access to services which will help them address such important needs as completing their residency application formalities, translating documentation into Spanish and dealing with any queries when they most need the support. In this guide, we have attempted to gather together information that any foreign nationals living in Spain could need in their daily lives whether they are new arrivals to Spain or they are due to make the journey at some point in the future. Moving to a new country entails, in most cases, a cultural change, a variation in customs and diet, changes at a social level, etc. In short, it leads to a significant rearrangement of people’s lives and those who move to a new country will need a great deal of support and understanding from the society of the host country.

What does this guide include?

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  • Visas and Permits
  • Employment
  • Accommodation
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Spanish Culture
  • Language
  • Customs
  • Cuisine
  • Education
  • Creating Businesses
  • Transport
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