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8 things to remember when taking out any insurance policy

Most people find insurance policies complex, difficult to comprehend and costly. Everyone wants the most effective insurance, without having to pay for coverage you don’t need or require.

This article aims to give you an idea of the aspects to bear in mind when taking out an insurance policy so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and possessions are protected.

  •  An effective way of saving money on your insurance is to take out various policies with the same company (home, car, health, life) these package deals are generally cheaper.
  • But, remember you need to only take out insurance coverage that is strictly necessary.
  • Searching online allows you to get a better idea of the price of a particular insurance product. However, an online quotation will not guarantee the cost. You might still be subject to a healthcare examination, or an excess, or other unforeseen costs. It is always advisable to consult an insurance expert to make sure that you are covered in every eventuality.
  • It is advisable to preserve all the documents related to the whole process. Record every communication with the insurance provider.
  • You are able to lower the cost of the insurance by having a greater excess, but this will incur more expenses in the case that you make a claim.
  • Examine your insurance policy or have a professional advisor do it for you. Remove any incomplete or erroneous information as this can force you to pay out additional money in the long run.
  • Review your insurance plan every year in case your circumstances have changed, and modify the policies if necessary.
  • Only use reputable insurance companies.

Virtually every situation in life is linked to risk. At Pellicer & Heredia, we want to offer you tranquillity. We are pleased to announce that we now have a new independent insurance advice and consultancy department. We want to offer you and your family protection in any situation, as well as personalized advice to analyze the risks of your everyday life. We aim to select the most appropriate coverage for you.

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