Not yet covered by the Spanish health care system

Not yet covered by the health care system?

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Apply now under this special agreement to obtain Health Care benefits in Spain

The Special Agreement for the provision of assistance to persons who are not covered, signed with the ‘Generalitat’, allows access to the health care benefits from the basic joint portfolio of assistance services by the National Health Care System within the Valencian Community.

The Agreement does not cover the benefits included in the supplementary joint portfolio of the National Health Care System, such as pharmaceutical, orthotic and prosthetic benefits, dietary products or non-urgent medical transportation.

Who can apply?

The persons who can benefit from this agreement are those who are registered in a town within the Valencian Communityare not covered or do not currently receive any form of benefits from the Health Care System, nor have access to a public health care protection system under any other name, and can prove residency in Spain during a continued period of a minimum of one year, immediately prior to the application date.

The special agreement for the provision of health care can’t be renewed until the period of one year has expired, from the day after the expiry of the previous one.


  • Proof of residence in Spain for a continuous period of at least one year immediately prior to the application date for the special agreement.
  • To be registered (Empadronado) at the time of filing the application in a town belonging to the territorial scope of the Region.
  • To have no access to a public health care system under any other name, either by the implementation of the national rules, the Social Security community regulations or the bilateral agreements that in this matter have been signed by Spain together with other countries.

What are the fees and how can I pay?

The enrolment cost applied to the special agreement for the provision of health care will be as follows, depending on the applicant’s age on the date of which the corresponding monthly fee is due:

  • If the person is under 65: Monthly fee of 60€.
  • If the person is 65 or over: Monthly fee of 157€.

The charges listed above must be paid in full each calendar month, throughout the validity of the agreement. However, the amount of the fee corresponding to the first and last month of the agreement, depending on when you signed up, will automatically prorate based on the days covered in said months.

The fees are to be paid by direct debit from a valid bank account indicated in the application form. Please note that the person signing the agreement must be the account holder. The payment of the installments after the initial fee must be made within the first ten calendar days of the month to which it corresponds.

Exceptionally, if payment by direct debit is not possible and it can be justified, the Ministry in charge of health matters may authorize the installment payments by self-assessment and payment of the public price at a collaborating financial entity of the Generalitat.

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