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Authorization for purchase permit in a military area

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The documents required to apply for the authorization are as follows

All non-EU nationals who want to buy property in the military zone must apply for express authorization from the Ministry of Defense.

If the buyer is a natural person

  • Certified photocopy of your valid PASSPORT.
  • Certificate of Criminal Record of the Country of HABITUAL RESIDENCE (legalized and translated, valid for 3 months)

If the applicant is usually resident in Spain, he/she does not need to provide a certificate of convicts and rebels (good conduct), but must attach to the application form a document stating: “I authorize the headquarters of the 3rd General Sub-inspection of the Army (Pyrenees) to consult my data held in the Ministry of Justice (central register of convicts and rebels) by electronic means”.

If you are a Resident

  • A certified photocopy of your Residence permit

If the buyer is a legal entity

  • Document certifying the participation of natural persons or the articles of association, including their statutes, and any amendments thereto.
  • Certificate issued by the person responsible for the administration or representation of the entity, concerning the participation of foreign natural or legal persons in the capital and corporate bodies.
  • CROQUIS of a scale between 1/5000 and 1/25000, on which the land, farm, house, etc. shall be located. The distance to the coast shall also be indicated on this plan. If a military installation is nearby, the distance to it must also be indicated..
  • Plan OF THE PROPERTY to a scale of not less than 1/500. If you intend to build or carry out works, the corresponding preliminary project or project and the explanatory report must be attached.
  • Application (in duplicate) signed by the person concerned or person with power of attorney
  • DEED OF POWER OF ATTORNEY, if the request or application is signed by an authorized person

If you are planning to buy a property in Spain affected by any of this military areas, we could assist you in order to get you permit along with the conveyancing services.

buy property in the military zone

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