Why is it important to protect our brand?

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Trademark importance

Whether you are going to start a business, open a shop, start selling their products in Spain or Europe, open an online store or work under a personal brand, this is a question you are sure to have asked yourself more than once, and you are not the only one.

And in a world where smart business triumphs, adapted to new technologies, know-how and with a correct vision of marketing, the rules of the game have changed.

The idea of registering our trademark with the Intellectual Property offices has become dated, and so it is located in the last stage of our business strategy, and of course, as long as our idea thrives and we begin to obtain benefits.

Well, if we want to achieve a successful result in this day and age, we must renew our way of thinking and place the intellectual property in one of the first sections of our business plan and from there, achieve everything else.

But how?

Maybe we think this is only for big companies like Apple, Inditex or Facebook, but start to consider our intangible assets, such as our brands, patents, designs, etc. As part of the company’s capital and of equal importance to the rest, adds value to our company: it will give us an advantage and protection against our competitors.

The brand of a company constitutes a sub-type of intangible goods. On the one hand, it grants us a negative right to prohibit any action by a third party that damages us, and on the other hand, it constitutes a transferable right, by allowing others, who have also developed ideas such as ours, to act under license for a price.

Think about whether, after all the personal and economic effort involved in creating a product and introducing it to the market, to discover that it has been copied, brought from China and offered at a price much lower than yours. With a trademark, you could end the sale of these types of products, destroy the stock, and even be compensated for it.

Always go to professionals

The lack of knowledge of the subject is one of the problems, so it is always advisable to surround yourself with professionals who, have experience in the sector can register and use your brand well and anticipate harmful actions for your business while getting more out of your Intellectual property portfolio.


It is difficult that in the process of creating a business, where investment has already been made, everything is expenses and – usually – problems, you can focus and dedicate the time required to register your brand, logo, design, etc. But think about the added value of our business and the circle of protection with which we will shield it. And of course, facing consumers, it is a business card with which we place our product under a standard of quality and renown, which will help us promote market acceptance and customer loyalty.

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