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5 recommendations to turn your property into a tourist apartment

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In Spain, the number of travellers choosing to use tourist apartments as accommodation is increasing. Specifically, the Valencian Community is among the 5 most popular regions for tourists.

But what do you need to bear in mind if you are looking to use your property as a tourist apartment? There are several standard requirements which you must take into account beforehand:

1. Urban Compatibility Report

Prior to applying for the opening license as a tourist apartment, and in accordance with the new regulations in force since July 2018, you must request, at your local Town Hall, an urban compatibility report that enables you to let out your property, and start the activity as a host.

This report, which must be positive, is a requirement to apply for and obtain the tourist apartment license.

In addition, you must obtain an occupational license of no more than 5 years, which must also be provided with the license application.

2. Declaration and Registration of Tourist Apartment at the Regional Tourism Ministry

The application of the licence is a declaration in which you report compliance with all standard requirements.

These minimum standards will be examined by a technical architect, who will also prepare the required signs, to adapt the property into accommodation (emergency exits, etc.).

Currently, the license application can be made in person or online, the second option being the most efficient, for which an electronic signature is required.

Once the registration has been approved, your home will obtain a registration number, which must be included in every publication and advertising, including Airbnb, etc. Additionally, an approved sign, holding the registration number, must be placed by the entrance:

3. Travellers Logbook and Complaint Forms

Once you have started with the service, you must hold the full name and travel document information of the occupants, for a brief record, which should be forwarded to the nearest police station. Additionally, the apartment must have complaint forms available, which can be requested from the Department of the Treasury, at a small cost.

4. Holiday Home Insurance – Hotel Establishment

With a holiday rental, you will have numerous visitors coming and going from your property, which means your neighbours / third parties are exposed to greater risk. Therefore, we will advise and assist you with contracting a holiday home insurance, which will cover you according to the new conditions of the property.

5. Tax Treatment of Holiday Rental Activity

A lawyer can advise you on the taxation of holiday homes fitted to your personal situation and offer you a tax management service meeting your needs, as a resident or a non-resident in Spain.

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