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Golden Visa Spain, a Visa for Investors

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Know about the differences between the Golden Visa Spain & the Non-Resident Visa

Recently, due to modification of previous laws, and the creation of a new law commonly called “law of entrepreneurs”, the regulation for the concession of Visa permits has changed greatly inside Spain.

For members of third countries (Non-European Union members), now it’s possible to get a Visa permit of residence, and later, apply for the Spanish nationality (Spain Golden Visa Program) through investment operations.

It’s well known that buying real state with a worth of more than 500.000€ in Spain could grant you a near automatic Visa permit, if the correct legal procedure is followed, and the client meets all the previous requirements – that is, an extended practice of several countries within the European Union.  But nowadays in Spain there are more ways to get the same rights, and the acquisition of real state is not the only one. Also, the client should always take into account that not all the countries within the European Union are equally safe, solid and reliable.

For a business man, a company, or just an individual that wants to invest their savings, we can offer professional council about the best way to invest. Could be through the acquisition of another company, the merge with one, the establishment of  a fix deposit in a Spanish bank or credit entity, or the creation of a company or project that the Spanish Public Authorities find interesting for the developing of the country itself or its interests.

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