Mistakes Spanish Tax Declaration

9 common mistakes when submitting your Spanish tax declaration

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Two-thirds of the Tax Office drafts (borradores) of Income Tax may contain errors or omissions, which could impair your right to receive a larger amount of tax deductions.

This often happens because the Tax Agency lacks the data in order to apply appropriate deductions to the Income Tax drafts.

So, before filing your income tax form, make sure to check these 9 points:

  • Births of children and/or changes in marital status.
  • Individual or Joint Declaration: Married couples should remember to analyze whether it is more beneficial to submit individual or joint tax declarations. If you have any questions, your lawyer will be able to advise you on the most beneficial option.
  • Deduction of the Autonomous Community: This does not usually appear in the drafts.
  • Deduction for rent: This only applies in some regions and depends on the date of the contract.
  • Tax credit for the purchase of a home: This only applies to taxpayers who purchased their home before 1 January 2013. It is important to check if you are entitled to this deduction.
  • Income from work: You should check two things:
    • That ALL of your income is included in the tax declaration draft.
    • Check outgoings that should be included by you, such as union dues, legal expenses, if you are an active disabled worker, etc.
  • Empty Properties: Check if the “imputation of real estate income” is correct.
  • Tribute capital gains and donations: Remember to include capital gains generated by sales of property and/or actions and you should also include government grants, such as PIVE plan or a grant to buy a home. Remember to include donations.
  • Pension plans: The taxpayer must check that the data on their contributions to pension plans are correct. You should also take into account reductions for unemployment, serious and temporary illness, retirement, disability and dependence.

Finally, make sure to contact Tax advisors who can answer your questions and help you to file your Income Tax returns efficiently, so you can get on with what really matters.

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