The best luxury retreats to live in after retirement in The Costa Blanca

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The growing number of people who choose Spain as their country of retirement is living proof that we are in the best country to retire. The question that should be asked is: Does it matter in which region of Spain we settle? The answer is no, since the area where the luxury retreats are located is the Costa Blanca. Why? We tell you everything in this article.

Features of luxury retreats

When we are looking for a place that we can turn into our luxury retreat after an intense life of work and hustle in the city, one of the first things we ask ourselves is what characteristics we should look for in the environment that we will transform into our abode of well-being and plenitude.

According to quality of life experts, luxury retreats must meet the following characteristics:

  • Natural landscapes

The benefits of being in contact with nature are endless. For something we choose it every time we go on vacation. Their contributions are capable of purifying our body and healing us emotionally.

After a few days breathing fresh air and observing the fabulous landscapes that it offers us, anxiety begins to be perceived as a distant memory and stress finds no nook and cranny in our minds through which to slip away.

If there is a region in Spain that is characterized by its dreamy natural landscapes, it is the Costa Blanca. We’ll tell you about them when we reveal the best luxury retreats in the area.

  • Infrastructures merged with nature

In order to be able to enjoy nature as we deserve it, it is necessary that we have a certain infrastructure. The ideal for the moment in which we can start planning our retirement, are the sailing ports, swimming pools and wellness centers, all of which are present in abundance on the Costa Blanca.

  • Social and sports clubs

Retiring is not synonymous with isolating ourselves. Therefore, most of us are attracted to the social and sporting activities that we can find in the golf clubs and other similar activities on the Costa Blanca.

  • Picturesque places

We all like to go out and explore the environment that surrounds us. Therefore, choosing it strategically is key so that our walks at sunset, our dinners away from home and the instances to make purchases, are part of the daily dose of relaxation therapy that we seek when we retire. So, the time has come to get to know the most picturesque settings that the Costa Blanca offers us for the glorious moment of our retirement.

The best luxury retreats to live in after retirement

More and more people are choosing the following luxury retreats to spend the best years of their lives. Find out what are the reasons that bring them to the Costa Blanca.

  • Moraira

This town with an agricultural and fishing tradition awaits you with its white houses, adorned with cascades of geraniums and with restaurants full of typical flavors around several of its corners. Its historic center has earned it the description of a luxury retreat, since it is a true gift for the eyes.

In its eight kilometers of beaches, you will find the paradisiacal Playa del Portet, an inlet that tourists from all over the world continue to choose year after year. Can you imagine having it within your reach twenty-four hours a day?

  • Jávea

The fabulous climate of Jávea gives you sun most of the year and one of the purest air on the planet three hundred and sixty-five days a year. A plus that this municipality offers is that it has not yet become the headquarters of mass tourism. So that you can enjoy the tranquility that it offers even in high season.

In addition to offering an old town full of personality and colour, Jávea gives us its incredible route of viewpoints, in which we can combine the highly recommended healthy walks with views of the sea that will take your breath away.

  • Benidorm

The assemblage of coves, mountains, coast, skyscrapers and social activities has turned Benidorm into a mecca for luxury retirement based on an active life.

Its old town promises lively walks in a network of narrow streets that mix colonial houses with shops that offer products designed for the times.

When you want to have a panoramic view of the Mal Pas cove, all you have to do is go to the emblematic balcony of the Mediterranean and let the mixture of nature and human construction remind you that you are in one of the best places in the world.

  • Calpe

Parks, coves and ports make up a place where the sunsets give us a postcard at the end of each day.

If what you are looking for is a social and sporting life, you will find it in Calpe, as it has two yacht clubs and tennis, golf and diving clubs.

  • Dénia

Have you ever thought of living in a city with a castle? Now is the best time to make this decision, and in Dénia you will have that castle on your horizon every morning. In this paradise you will find towers, caves, museums, hiking trails and irresistible proposals to go sailing.

The Costa Blanca is determined to turn its towns and landscapes into a paradise for luxury retreats. Would you like to be part of this community?

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