The five best marinas on the Costa Blanca

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The benefits that sports bring to our physical and mental health have been proven by science decades ago. However, there is a way to enhance these benefits exponentially: doing physical activity in the water. The Costa Blanca is the ideal setting for water sports, since its marinas were designed to bring quality of life to the highest level. Embark on the adventure of an active and healthy life, as only the Costa Blanca can offer you.

The five marinas on the Costa Blanca to welcome you to your new lifestyle

Changing the environment is a decision that can radically change our lives. That is why we must be very meticulous and strategic when choosing the destination where we will begin this new stage of our lives. If there is one place in Spain where there are plenty of reasons to move there, it is definitely the Costa Blanca.

The marinas exert an enormous weight when choosing this Mediterranean region to live. We have selected the five best of them to present them to you in the foreground.

  • Real Club de Regatas de Alicante

When choosing a club in which to practice marine sports, you will surely be interested in knowing the level of commitment that the institution maintains with the environment. In this aspect, the Real Club de Regatas de Alicante takes all the awards. Every time you race with them, you will have the peace of mind that everything possible has been done to preserve the marine conditions in their original conditions.

  • Club Náutico de Campello

More than thirty years of experience in the hands of an elite technical team give you the guarantee that your recreation will be in the best hands. The berths are available for boats from five meters in length, while the dry dock has space to guard one hundred and sixty boats.

For those who are just starting out or have never been on a sailing boat, the Club Náutico de Campello has a sea school that covers the teaching of marine skills for all ages.

  • Club Náutico de Benidorm

If the world of water sports is a subject that you still have as a must, the Benidorm Yacht Club is your perfect opportunity to incorporate this fascinating world into your life. The club school is divided into three:

  • Sailing school
  • Kayaking school
  • Rowing school

In turn, they also offer swimming classes and sport fishing trips by kayak or boat. Each season, the club participates in approximately thirty regattas, of which it organizes eighteen, while also offering regattas of community interest for newcomers to the Costa Blanca to interact with those who have been part of this community all their lives.

  • Club Náutico de Calpe

Behind the club’s more than twenty years of experience, there is a group of professionals who know how to instill a love for nautical activities such as rowing, sailing and diving.

Thanks to its privileged location, you have more than twelve kilometers of coastline to navigate along while you marvel at the unique landscapes of the Costa Blanca, characterized by its crystalline waters and breathtaking cliffs.

  • Club Náutico de Villajoyosa

Challenges, courses, events and art are the proposals that await you at the Club Náutico de Villajoyosa, a place where social activity is as important as the marina. If you are looking to obtain a navigation license, here you can get it through the courses that the club offers to own the license to navigate sailing boats and recreational motor boats up to twenty-four meters in length.

Areas where vacation rentals are booming

The Costa Blanca has become the favorite Mediterranean destination for vacations and, for those who can, also to make it your permanent residence. What are the areas where vacation rentals are booming? We describe them below:

  • Santa Pola

The eleven kilometers of beach have shaped the culture, the imprint and the gastronomy of this fishing village. One of its greatest attractions is the existing ecosystem within the premises of the Salinas Natural Park.

  • Finestrat

The north of the Costa Blanca has its quiet corner, which is called Finestart and is located thirteen kilometers from Benidorm. Its popularity can be measured in numbers, since 44% of its inhabitants are foreigners. If what you are looking for is a place with all the advantages of avant-garde architectural constructions, this is the municipality on the Costa Blanca for you.

The Costa Blanca has been growing exponentially, both in its homes and in its cultural offerings. Those looking for a peaceful retreat, but with all the comforts of today’s world, do not hesitate to choose this area of the Mediterranean to start the best period of their lives. The stage is already set, only you are missing.

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