The Hague Apostille: everything you need to know

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In both Spanish and International procedures, it is requested that the documents are duly legalized by the country that issues them. The Hague Apostille is the most widely used method of legalization, as it facilitates the validity of documents for all countries that belong to the Hague Convention.  

What is it?

The Hague Apostille is a way of legalizing documents issued by Public Entities of a country and consists of certifying the authenticity of the signature made by Public Officials, in order to give international validity to the document.

What is it for?

The Apostille is needed for an original document to be recognized in a foreign country, as with the apostille the foreign country will verify that the document is indeed valid and that it is issued by a competent entity. 

Where is it obtained?

It will have to be obtained in the country where the document has been issued and the process will depend on each country and the type of document  that you want to apostille. In most cases, the  apostilles are made by the competent authorities, such as the Notarial Colleges or the Ministries according to the subject. To affix it, they will need the original document and the payment of the fee. 

What does it look like?

It is a document containing the details of the country issuing the Apostille, the official whose signature is certified and the authority in which they are acting, the date and place where it was issued, as well as the stamp and    the signature of the authority issuing the certification. This document must be attached to the original document.

How much does it cost?

It will depend on the type of document that is apostilled and the country that issues the apostille, but it is usually between € 25 and € 50.

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