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Purchase and Sale of Property & 
The Real Estate Market in time of crisis

 Thursday, 16th july 2020, 18.00h (Madrid Time) “Brexit, up to date information for the Valencia region”

  • Preparation for Brexit, latest information on TIE, timescales what you should and shouldn’t do now. Tax and Health care plus moving to Spain and buying property


  • Richard Hill. Brexpats in Spain Vice President
  • Sara Munsterhjelm. Vice cónsul Alicante
  • Martyn Standing. British Embassy Health care team
  • Sophie Rodriguez. Casas Manuel real estate (As on British television Channel 4)
  • Ignacio Pellicer. International Lawyer. Pellicer & Heredia Lawyers
  • Michael Davies from Davies Solicitors
  • Pedro Heredia. International Lawyer. Pellicer & Heredia Lawyers

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