What plans can I make on the Costa Blanca thanks to my Golden Visa?

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Obtaining a Golden Visa is much more than becoming holder of a permit, because this visa is the pass towards a quality of life that goes beyond the best in Spain, as it is one of the best in all of Europe. If you still wonder why, we have to tell you about the ingredients that make life more enjoyable in this Mediterranean region. Discover how your life can change with a Golden Visa.

What makes the quality of life on the Costa Blanca unique?

When a friend recommends a certain geographical area to live, you know that there may be more subjectivity than objectivity in his advice. Now, when the recommendation comes directly from the World Health Organization, it means that it is not advice among friends, but a recommendation supported by data, and these are the ones that we will present below so that you know what are the reasons that make it unique to the quality of life that the Costa Blanca offers you.


According to the latest scientific research, vitamin D provides more benefits than just strengthening our bones and muscles. At present, there is evidence that this vitamin strengthens our natural defenses and keeps us away from autoimmune diseases. And your main supplier of vitamin D is the sun.

Among the other benefits of the sun, there is an improvement in the health of your heart, a noticeable increase in mood and the growth of your creativity.

Given that you are guaranteed three hundred and twenty sunny days a year on the Costa Blanca, it is not surprising that the region is considered a paradise for health and well-being.

Natural diversity

Having two hundred and fifty kilometers of coastline and three hundred and twenty sunny days to get the most out of them is not just a perfect combination, it is synergy. However, the beaches are not the only natural heritage of the Costa Blanca.

Proof of this are the numerous natural parks, among which we highlight the Marjal de Pego Oliva and the Peñón de Ifach; the cannons; the rocks and the caves.

All of them are waiting for you so that a simple walk becomes a memorable experience.

Cultural offer

Within the great heritage of the Costa Blanca, is its cultural proposal. In it you can find both regional and international plays, magic shows, exhibitions, concerts and dance performances. If it is classified as art, you will find it on the Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca beaches

If there is something capable of contradicting the whiteness of the Costa Blanca, that is the intense turquoise and deep blue of its waters. The beaches have marked the identity of this Mediterranean region, and the most notable are:       

  • Playa de Levante

Located in Benidorm, this stretch of sand and sea is the delight of the locals 24/7, who enjoy it both day and night. Its promenade has made it a classic for anyone who visits or lives in the area.

  • Playa de la Fossa

From the sands of Calpe you can marvel at the emerging rock of the Ifach Park, which dominates the view of this unique tourist destination.

  •  Cala de Ambolo

In Jávea, this little natural jewel awaits you, a meeting point for the world nudist community. Its calm waters are ideal for enjoying sea baths if you are not a lover of dizzying emotions.

  • Playa de San Juan

If you like to enjoy the tranquility when you go to the beach, surely the five kilometers of fine sand, calm waters and picturesque palm trees that await you in Alicante will be enough for you.

  •  Playa del Portet

Between the Cap d’Or Watchtower and the port of Moraira, you have at your disposal a family-friendly beach with a quiet imprint to take advantage of the intense sunny days on the Costa Blanca.            

Gastronomy on the Costa Blanca

The exquisite dishes of the gastronomy of the Costa Blanca, together with its artisan and professional preparation, have earned its restaurants the coveted five Michelin stars.

Surely, from the place in the world where you are now, you can get a delivery in less than average of any of the dishes that we will detail below, but the magic of the flavor of the Costa Blanca can only be achieved when the ingredients are fused by local hands, full of tradition, technique and love:

  • Arroz a banda

The mixture of olive oil, garlic, ñora, shellfish and fish broth make rice an elite dish.

  • Fideuá

It seems, but it is not; what differentiates fideuá from paella is that, instead of rice, its base ingredient consists of noodles, and very thick ones, by the way, which allows its consistency to always remain al dente.

  • Pericana

A symphony of salted fish pairs between peppers and olive oil; an authentic and regional dish from Alicante.

You will find the perfect pairing for these incredible dishes in the wine tourism proposals, an activity that offers you to navigate in the wineries that raise the name of Costa Blanca, as well as enjoy a family or romantic picnic in the farms that offer this hybrid proposal. between culture and gastronomy.

The Golden Visa is a free pass to a positive and renewing lifestyle change. Our role is to act as a connection between your current situation and the Mediterranean dream. If the idea of living on the Costa Blanca appeals to you, all that remains is for you to contact us so that we can start processing the visa that keeps its promises.

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