Deregistering as a resident in Spain

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Should you sadly decide to leave Spain, it is strongly advisable to deregister yourself as a resident in Spain. This process includes the following:

  • Deregistering from the “padron’’ or census at your local townhall
  • Informing Immigration of your departure from Spain and cancellation of your visa or residency
  • Handing in your TIE or EU residency card at the National Police Station or Immigration office that issued your card

What will happen if I do not deregister as a resident in Spain?

It is not something many people take into account once they have made the decision, but it is advisable in order to avoid any potential issues, such as tax related implications or being denied a visa in your new country of residence.

What do I need to do?

When we take care of this for our clients, the first thing we need to know is when you plan on leaving. This helps us to work out when to start the process and when to make the appointments needed. We do not want to leave everything until the last minute but we also want to avoid starting too early so that you are still classed as residents the maximum time possible that you are here. There are three steps which we will summarise for you below:

  • STEP 1

Taking into account the date you will be leaving, we can make the first appointment which will be at your townhall to deregister you from the “padron” or local census. This is a very straightforward appointment and all you need to bring is your passport or residency card, it depends on which one you initially registered with.

  • STEP 2

Once you have deregistered from the padron at the townhall, we will submit a letter on your behalf, which will have been signed by you, to Immigration. This letter will contain your personal details and a declaration that you wish to deregister as a Spanish resident.

  • STEP 3

The final step is to hand in your residency card, this might be the plastic TIE card or the green EU residency certificate. This must be handed in to the National Police Station or Immigration office that issued the card to you. All you will need to bring is your passport and, of course, your residency card. They will confirm the deregistration and handing over of the residency card on their system and stamp your copy of the deregistration form to confirm everything has been completed.

Can you help me with making the arrangements?

Yes, of course! We will take care of arranging all the appointments needed, filling in the required forms, preparing and submitting the letter to Immigration, as well as accompanying you to the appointments. You will be able to make your move to another country with peace of mind that everything related to your Spanish residency has been taken care of.

Should you need our help in the deregistration of your Spanish residency or if you would like an appointment with one of our specialist lawyers or tax advisors, please do not hesitate to us.

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