Hojas de Reclamaciones

How to complain in Spain

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What are ‘Hojas de Reclamaciones’?

official Spanish complaints procedure. Smaller companies, shops and organisations in Spain must have an official booklet of forms. The pages are numbered, and each form consists of three parts: a top (white) original copy, a middle (green) copy for the customer, and a bottom (pink) copy which remains in the book.

If you believe you have a complaint that is not being attended to correctly, then you are entitled to ask for the “Hojas de Reclamaciones”.

How do I use the ‘hoja de reclamación’?

The form should be duly completed, signed and dated on the premises of the business where the complaint is being made. Spanish is preferred, however, you can also fill it out in English.

Try to keep it simple and straight forward. State the cause of the complaint, and what solution you would like to see, such as a refund, exchange of goods, repair of damages, etc. You cannot claim any punitive damages – Remember, this is not a court case, it is a civil arbitration process.

Always indicate your personal details, name and address, and the details of the business. Every company has a set of official data which they are obliged to give you, for the purpose of filling out the ‘hoja de reclamación’.

Keep hold of all the relevant information: Invoices, sale slips, guarantees, publicity leaflets, copy of price list, etc.

The proprietor or manager might add some comments below what you have written, but usually, their comments are made separately.

How to proceed?

You can now take the WHITE original, plus photocopies of the receipts, guarantees, and any other documents you believe relevant, to the ‘Oficinas Municipales de Información al Consumidor’ or the Town Hall. Another way of submitting the documents is by Burofax – A fax system run by ‘Correos’ post office for the delivery of official documents.

An official mediation process will be set up, and you will be contacted by post with a result, from anything between two weeks leading up to four months. In the meantime, we recommend keeping all the documents, together with the GREEN copy in a safe place.

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