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Are you applying for residency and need to take out private health insurance? Maybe you do not meet the requirements for public healthcare or would like an insurance coverage that can be more personalised to your needs.

Here at Pellicer & Heredia we work closely with leading insurance companies in Spain, and can help you with taking out your private health insurance.

What do I need to do?

In order for us to apply for a health insurance policy on your behalf, all you need to do is to send us a few forms, your passport or ID, and confirm a few details. We have listed below exactly what we need:

    • NIE certificate or passport (photo page). If you do not yet have an NIE number or no longer have your certificate, we can apply using your passport and then we have 90 days to submit the NIE certificate. We can help you with this too.
    • Your current address and where you plan to be living in Spain
    • Mapfre health questionnaire
    • Spanish bank account number. If you do not yet have a bank account in Spain, we can also arrange this for you.

What if I have a health condition or suffered an injury? Will I be covered?

When it comes to health conditions or injuries, your coverage will depend on a variety of things. When you contact us, we can discuss your concerns and see what your options are.

Is there an age limit for taking out health insurance?

Depending on the insurance company, they will accept people up to and including 75 years old.

Will I be able to communicate with the company in English?

Yes, the insurance companies we work with have English speaking departments as well as other languages. You will be able to contact them by email, telephone or in person at one of their many offices across Spain.

Will my residency application be accepted if I take out this insurance?

If you are able eligible for taking out the healthcare policy, we will provide you with the correct paperwork and certificates needed in order to prove full health coverage equivalent to the Spanish national healthcare system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to take care of your private health insurance, opening a bank account in Spain or need us to submit your residency application. We have a professional and dedicated immigration team with many years of experience in this field and can arrange an appointment for you with one of our expert lawyers.

For further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Pellicer & Heredia on +34 965 480 737 or email us at info@pellicerheredia.com.

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