Public Healthcare in Spain

Requirements for Public Healthcare in Spain

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Did you know that you may be entitled to receive Public Healthcare in Spain?

Today, there are several ways to get Spanish National Healthcare insurance for you and your family, if your country does not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area.

In order to receive Spanish National Healthcare, you must meet one of the following conditions, according to Law 16/2003. This applies only to those who are registered and authorized as a resident in Spain:

  • To be working and enrolled in the Social Security System in Spain being either self-employed or employed.
  • Having a Spanish pension.
  • Receiving periodic benefits from the Spanish Social Security System, including unemployment benefits and other similar benefits.
  • If you have reached the limit of receiving unemployment benefits or other similar benefits of the Spanish Social Security System and can no longer receive these benefits.
  • Being the beneficiary of a family member who is entitled to National Healthcare coverage in Spain. This applies in the following circumstances:
    • Children under 26 years old who live with their parents or guardians may be beneficiaries of the parent or guardian with whom they live.
    • In marriages, the husband can be the beneficiary of his wife or vice-versa.
    • If you or a family member are disabled, depending on your individual case, you or they might be entitled to be the beneficiary of a close family member regardless of age. In this case, you will need to inquire at your INSS office (Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social).
  • If you are a refugee or you have exceptional personal circumstances, you should check with your town’s social worker to see if you or your family is entitled to receive public healthcare in Spain.

If you do not meet these requirements, you should contact the National Institute of Social Security and/or your nearest health centre to find out if there are any special agreements between Spain and your home country.

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