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The law society takes action against translators acting as solicitors

In previous articles, we have underlined the importance of hiring an Independent lawyer to deal with all of your legal needs. But recently it has come to light, thanks to articles published in the Spanish newspapers “Expansion” and “El Mundo” reporting that there are individuals whom in fact offer legal services whilst having no legal qualifications. These articles further report fake lawyers acting in parts of Spain, including in the Alicante region. The newspapers state that the law society has presented various cases to the courts requesting prison sentences.

The people in question don´t generally call themselves lawyers, they use other terms usually with the word legal in the title, such as “legal advisors”. Which in turn leads the client to believe they are in fact dealing with a fully trained, fully qualified, fully insured lawyer. When in fact nothing could be further from the truth; the person in question usually holds no legal degree in law whatsoever.

If you have dealt with someone claiming to be a lawyer or who leads you to believe that they are lawyers you can denounce them using the following link www.icali.es/. (Alicante Law Society website) REMEMBER: in order to report them they don´t necessarily have to call themselves a lawyer, it´s just necessary for you to have believed them to be lawyers.

So when you hire your legal representative make sure they are fully qualified legal advisors.

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