Wellness centers: luxury health care on the Costa Blanca

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When it comes to taking our health to the highest level, wellness centers have proven to be the best option. What makes them different? What are the characteristics that make the difference? Why have so many celebrities trusted you with their health and well-being? All of this is what we will address in this article.

Wellness centers Costa Blanca – a healthy accommodation

The Costa Blanca has become a mecca for the health and well-being of people who take their lives very seriously. The proposal is doubly seductive, since it merges cutting-edge medicine, including natural therapies, with re-education in an area as important as nutrition. Consequently, the effects last on us far beyond the pleasant and renewing stay at the wellness center.

Spa Hammam Bienestar Ancestral: purification of body and mind.

At Spa Hammam Bienestar Ancestral they have created a charming space dedicated to wellness and health. A unique space in Alicante where they receive their clients in private sessions for individuals, couples or groups.

In their magnificent facilities they take care with love and a lot of illusion, day after day we give their visitors the possibility of discovering a luxurious ancestral Ritual where the purification of the body and the mind is a priority.

They offer a selection of varied treatments, hammam ceremonies, rituals, facial beauty treatments, aromatic and therapeutic massages and exhibit for sale the natural cosmetic products used in the hammam and in the cabin.

In an authentic atmosphere with piped music, soft lights, candles and enveloping aromas, they take care of every detail to make each ritual (or treatment) a perfect experience.

SHA Wellness Clinic: the new emblem of health and well-being on the Costa Blanca

Talking about high-level health is talking about the Sha Wellness Clinic, a place in which to renew and re-educate oneself to transform our lives from something as everyday but enriching as eating habits.

Objectives of the wellness center

Sha Welless Clinic arises with two main objectives. The first of them is to give you a longer life. The second is to provide the highest quality and well-being to each of your days. Additionally, they adhere to the purpose that you take with you the most valuable teachings so that you continue to manage your health in an integral and effective way. Therefore, entering the Sha Wellness Clinic means with a new method of life, which has been designed to make you live longer and better.

Benefits of wellness centers

Making the decision to attend a wellness center is not just another decision, but rather the definitive one to improve our quality of life in an integral way. Proof of this are the multiple benefits that these centers bring us:

  • Stress reduction: Wellness centers such as the Sha Wellness Clinic use holistic methods to cover all areas of your health, from the most obvious to those that often go unnoticed. Thanks to the assembly of thermal water circuits, hydrotherapy, strategic massages and a diet plan created to detoxify your body and provide you with the essential nutrients for a quality life, stress dissolves to give way to the peace of mind you have been searching for so long. In this sense, the benefits of attending a wellness center are the same as those of mindfulness, since while you receive therapeutic treatments on your body, you can only experience life from what is happening here and now. In this way, you get rid of anxiety, and this has a direct consequence on your state of mind: you learn to manage your emotions and your mood improves.
  • Increase our energy: The synergy that occurs between an effective and functional diet, and body treatments designed for relaxation and to promote muscle strengthening, makes our energy look boosted.
  • Vital dietary modifications: Food is the axis around which our health revolves. It is not about eating little or including in our diet the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of the body, but about planning a strategic diet. This implies receiving a certain amount of food per day, divided into the appropriate number of intakes, and maintaining a balance in the combination of nutrients. All this is what you will learn in a wellness center.
  • Increased self esteem: Love and respect for yourself do not arise spontaneously or because someone tells you that it is necessary that you have them, but they are the result of feeling more than good in your own skin. In the wellness centers you will receive the care, the interventions and the instructions to become the ambassador of your personal care. Consequently, your self-esteem will be increased and will be consolidated at the top of your emotions. In this way, you will have taken the definitive step towards mental, physical and emotional fulfillment.
  • Consolidation of emotional balance: One of the most difficult milestones to achieve in life is emotional balance. Until we can recognize, accept and name what we feel, we will be hostages to our thoughts and emotions. That is why wellness centers include in their proposal a proven plan for you to achieve the emotional balance you need to be happy and from there plan your personal growth…

Celebrities who have decided to put themselves in the hands of a wellness center

One of the greatest ambitions of today’s companies is to transform their customers into ambassadors of their brand. SHA Wellness Clinic has achieved it. There are already dozens of celebrities who have put themselves in their hands to generate good habits that allow them to live better.

So much so that today it is possible to get to know SHA Welness Clinic both through its website and through the photos that celebrities who make a retreat there post on their social networks.

Among the celebrities who benefited from this wellness center are the actor Jon Kortajarena, the sheikh of Qatar, the actress Rossi de Palma, the top model Naomi Campbell, the Pearl of Manila: Isabel Preysler, and her daughter, Tamara Falcó.

A new life is waiting for you on the Costa Blanca. Discover the wellness centers designed to make your day to day truly meaningful and to transform your life into what you have always wanted.

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