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Have you received your visa or residency approval letter, also known as the positive resolution? Or maybe you are a British citizen who already has residency but still has the green card or certificate?

In any of the above cases, the next step is to get your TIE card, which is the residency card given to non-EU citizens. This card comes in plastic form with your photo, fingerprint and personal details and is issued at the Spanish National Police stations. Many of our clients understandably feel nervous about attending official government offices as bureaucracy can be complicated. However, as this is a process we have done thousands of times, accompanying people to their fingerprint/TIE appointments all over the Alicante province and other surrounding areas, we know what to expect and can guide you every step of the way.

So, let’s go through each step to hopefully put your mind at rest and so that you can feel prepared:

Step 1

Before booking the appointment, let’s make sure you have the documents needed. You never know, you might get lucky and get an appointment sooner than expected! The documents required can vary slightly depending on the office but we know that if you go with the following your appointment will be a success:

  • Original valid passport (with your entry into Spain stamp, in the case of new residency applications)
  • Visa OR residency approval letter (also known as positive resolution)
  • Original padron certificate. The issue date must be no older than 3 months. This is given to you when you register on the census at your local townhall)
  • Passport/ID photo 32x26mm. It is important that the photo is recent and of passport quality (white background, clear, nothing covering your face, no hats, etc.)
  • In case of renewals or post-Brexit exchanges, your old residency card or certifate
  • In case of minors, original birth certificate and legal translation

We take care of photocopies and all other forms required such as the EX17, Modelo 790 012 and paying the corresponding government administrative fee for the TIE card, also known as the ‘tasa’.

Step 2

Now that we have your paperwork in order we need to book the fingerprint appointment at the National Police Station. In Spanish, this is called the ‘cita de huella’. This must be done online and the office chosen must be in the province of where you are resident and registered on the ‘padron’. Appointments used to be extremely difficult to get due to ‘bots’ hacking the system and it could take weeks, however, together with the efforts of our Immigration department and the recent improvement of the appointment system, we are able to confirm appointments quickly.

Step 3

Before going into the fingerprint appointment, usually, you have to ‘’check in’’ with the police officer at the door who will ask us for your appointment confirmation. Depending on the Immigration office or National Police station that we are attending, you may have to go through a security scanner, like at the airport.

Now, they will either give us a number, which we have to wait to appear on the screen before going to the table, or, they will send us straight to the desk where we will be attended to.

At the desk, they will take your documents and the forms brought by us and proceed to take your fingerprints using a digital fingerprinting machine. If you have a good fingerprint, they will just take your right and left index finger. Do not worry if in the moment you forget which one is your index finger or which is your left or your right, it happens to everyone!

Once all of this has been done and put into their system, they will print out a document called a ‘resguardo’, which is a paper confirming your personal details that will be printed onto your TIE card and the batch number. The batch number or ‘lote’ in Spanish, is a number that we will take note of so that we can let you know exactly when your card is ready to be collected. Keep this document safe because you will need to bring it the day you collect your card.

What happens now?

Depending on the office, it can take around four weeks for your TIE card to be ready for collection and it must be collected from the same one. Some require an appointment for collection of the TIE card and others do not. In Alicante, for example, it is not required.

We will let you know exactly when it is ready, remind you of what documents you need to take and arrange any necessary appointments.

And that is it! Remember, by this point, the hardest part has been done, you have your visa, residency approval letter and are legally in Spain. We just need to make it official by obtaining your TIE card.

Should you need our help in applying for Spanish residency or maybe you already have it and would like help obtaining your TIE card, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment with our specialist lawyers.

For more information, please contact Pellicer & Heredia on +34 965 480 737 or email us at info@pellicerheredia.com.

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